Saturday, November 4, 2017

Extreme Sports Number 1 in The World - Bungee Jumping

The bungee jump is one of the most extreme sports that people take part around the world. The first attempt of this extreme sport was in 1979 when a team of 'dangerous sports' from England designed a bungee device that is still in use today. The first bungee jump was successfully made from Clifton Suspension Bridge.

In 1986 a man named AJ Hackett made his first jump in New Zealand. He went on to jump from a number of important buildings including the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Shortly after this, bungee jumping actually performed itself as an extreme sport and is now a popular activity worldwide for extreme sports lovers. But how safe is that? And what are the chances of death in a bungee jumping accident?

Bungee Rope

Because of the high risk elements associated with sports, chemists and physicists continue to make improvements in the manufacture of bungee cables. The bungee cables used today are mostly made of rubber and synthetic materials. When making equipment, the height and weight of different people are taken into account to ensure survival. Different straps are used for different weights to ensure maximum safety. It's up to the scientists to make sure they use the flexible and rigid between the media so that the extreme sportsmen enjoy the sport and keep it alive.


Before even thinking of doing a bungee jump 99.9% of people will surely be absolutely sure that they will survive the danger. Statistics show that there are only two out of a million opportunities to die from this sport, making it quite safe especially when compared to other extreme sports such as scuba diving and rock climbing. Adding to this, it may (or may not) be reassuring to know that almost all accidents are not occurring due to actual bungee, but because the operator does not attach the cord to the person or building properly. Manufacturers of bungee straps are more efficient in their work.


When compared with other sports it is not unusual for many people to believe that bungee jumping is more dangerous. Take sky diving for example - because of the many 'ordinary' people who take part in this sport, many people believe it is relatively safe. This is a generally safe sport but when compared to a bungee that jumps the chances of death is much higher. The same can be said for parachuting and scuba diving. If you've been thinking of doing a bungee jump, why not research it further? The possibility of death is very small!

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