Kitchen Pendant Light – Make A Statement

The furniture design and the theme of the kitchen plays a big part for the best look of your kitchen. But not only that, there is also other element of design that can make a different for your kitchen, light. It may look simple and unimportant but the right use of light will make a big different of how your kitchen will look like overall. And one of the best light for any kind of kitchen is the kitchen pendant light. This type of light is the best to use for overall illumination of the kitchen, and it can also be used for a task light that will light specific area of the kitchen, as well as accent light that can highligh certain areas of the kitchen. You can also choose the right type of pendant light and its placement for the best kitchen look.

If you have a small kitchen, then you may want to consider to use some light diffuser on your pendant light to avoid a super-bright ligths that will make you uncomfortable in the kitchen. There are also pendant light that has semi-opaque bulbs for the same purpose. But if you want to get the best pendant light for any situation, then you should try the pendant light that comes with a dimmer switch that you can set according to your needs. You also needs to consider the standard installation key for pendant light if you want to get the best ligth from it.

If you need a task light then the best model of pendant light is the one that has open top so the light that shiny from the bottom will not be too strong but it is also focusing on specific area. If you are looking for an overall light for your kitchen, then you can place multiple pendant light with specific distant for the best illumination. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the bigger size of the kitchen, the bigger pendant light should be used. For the dinning table, a three lights of a pendant light is the best choice, while the small pendant light is the best choice for the sink area or the table area. A pendant light is easy to use because it has retractable cords for the on and off switch. You can choose various colors and type of the bulb of the pendant light for the right purpose. The colors and the intensity of the light from the bulb, greatly affect the mood and the effectiveness of the ligth itself.

Pendant light is a great option to choose for your kitchen, because it is stylish but also gives various options of settings for any kind of mood in the kitchen. They also have standard of how low it should be hang according to how high is your ceiling. Like for example, if you have a 9-foot ceiling of kitchen, then you should hang the pendant light around 15-23 inches below. This is important because the distance will affect how the light will illuminate your kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Art – Great Option To Enhance Kitchen Decor

when it comes to decorating a wall, there are many options that you can choose. The kitchen wall art is a great choice for your kitchen when you want a new look that can be done easily. There are lot of options of wall decoration that you can choose from various theme and sizes. It can also be quite hard to choose which one that will look the best for your kitchen’s wall. Every choice of wall art has their own unique value that make them look beautiful and interesting. If you want to buy one of these wall art, then you may want to consider the wall art to match with the theme of your kitchen, both for its color and style. That way, the wall art will accentuate the style of your kitchen more.

There are some types of wall art that you should know before you buy it. The first type of kitchen wall art is the wall murals and paintings. Everybody knows that murals is a great choice when you want to change the look of a room completely. Murals can easily transform your old kitchen to have a different feel, that is why a lot of people prefer to use this type of wall art when they want a quick change on their kitchen. The paintings are the same with murals, it can also gives different vibe to any room. but how should the murals or painting covers up the wall of your kitchen is up to your creativity.

Another type of kitchen wall art is the wallpaper and paint. These two option is the most classic choice for a wall, and there are countless theme and colors variation of these types. It may not sound too exciting, but you can try a new way of using the paints and wallpapers. Like for example, you can use some combinations of colors to paint your kitchen wall suing geometric designs with the help of tape. You can also create many interesting colors like making catchy hue colors for your kitchen, it sure will liven up your kitchen. It is the same will wallpapers, since there are lots of style and colors, you can cut it to various sizes and mix and match it to your kitchen wall. It needs creativity but when you know what to do, it can be quite versatile.

There are also a modern kitchen wall art, that are very popular. The essence of the modern wall art is the simplicity of the design, the choices of bold colors, movement and other things. The opposite design of modern wall art is the traditional wall art. This model also has its own fanatics and with this wall art then your kitchen will look gorgeous and expensive. This model of wall art also including the designs from the era of Renaissance and also Baroque. If you choose this style and then you can use your kitchen wall to hang some ornate mirrors as well as some decals and intricate patterns.

Kitchen Ceiling Lights

While some people think that lighting is not important part of the kitchen to think about, actually lighting has a big part to play when it comes to the overall look of the kitchen. To get the best lighting system on your kitchen, there are some tips from lighting experts that you can try for your kitchen. The kitchen ceiling lights is the best type of lights for your kitchen. And there are four kind of lights type that you should know before getting the right ceiling lights for your kitchen. They are task light, ambient light, accent light and the last one is the decorative light. If you can blend all of these lights, then you can have the best kitchen lighting because it will create warm and comfortable atmosphere inside your kitchen that will make people want to stay longer.

The right position of kitchen ceiling lights is the key to get the best illumination to your kitchen. while it may sounds too complicated, it actually not. It is just how you layers the lights equally for the entire room. The mistake that most people did is when they want their kitchen to be bright but only put one big light in the center of the room. The results is that the light will be too bright from the center of the kitchen and the corners of the kitchen will not have enough illumination. That is why various combination of lights is needed to get the best lighting solution for your kitchen.

To make your cooking activities easier, the task lighting is necessary to be placed on the right position and angle so it will give you the right amount of light to prepare food everyday. But even if you use task lights but you didn’t place it correctly, then it will make your cooking activities harder and it can also create some dark shadows on your cooking area. The best position for this kitchen ceiling lights are the place that you will mostly do all of the chopping and preparing ingredients as well as reading some recipes. Beside that, task lights can also be helpful to be placed on the pantry area since you will need some lights for this too.

Another important type of kitchen ceiling lights is the ambient lights. This type of light is important to have on your kitchen because it plays a big part on creating a warm atmosphere and softens lines and people shadows while being inside the room. This light is also responsible for creating a good mood inside a room. Since the modern kitchen functions has changed, now the kitchen is not only the place to make food but can also be used for any kind of activities with your families. And the ambient lights will attract people to the kitchen to have some snacks or sipping some wine and make them feel comfortable to stay for a long time. There are various kind of ceiling light for this ambient lights that you can choose, and you can choose the size and design according to the size of your kitchen.

Breakfast Nook Table – Best Option For Corner and Square Place

Breakfast is the most important meal to have when you start your day. From breakfast, you will get the energy to do everyday tasks. Besides a great menu, a good set of tables will make your breakfast time better. One of the best table designs is the breakfast nook table. You can use one corner of your kitchen to place this table to have morning coffee or a cozy place to hang out with your loved ones. According to the size of your kitchen, there are a lot of designs of table nook that you choose for your kitchen. But before you choose, there are some tips that you should know first. The first thing you need to do is to choose a design and color that will match the theme of your kitchen.

The round shape of tables and the square one is the best option for corners or square spaces. And it is also a great choice for breakfast nook table. It is a good idea to place your nook table near a window in the kitchen. Because then you can have some quality time with your family while looking out the window and enjoy some sunlight. It is important to make this space as comfortable as you can so that you can have a great time while eating your breakfast or just enjoying some coffee or tea time.

If you have small corner area in your kitchen, then the best table that you can have is the round tables. Round tables are the best option when it comes to a square area because not only it will look good but it will also make the traffic around it flow easily. But it is important too that you choose a table that will not be in the way when people walking around. if you have guests coming to your house, you can add more seat to the table to hang out together. These breakfast nook table can also be a great buffet table when you hold a party at your house.

When you are ready to have your own breakfast nook table, you also need to consider the free space around the chairs when you pull them out to use it. When you are done, you can push the chair back under the table or you can also store it somewhere until you need to use it again. If you have a lot of family members, then it is best to choose the square table. Although it might look big and takes a lot of spaces, but it allows the people on the corner to also have a space of the table. This nook table is a good choice when you have limited space inside your house to place a set of a dining table. Besides being a great place to have breakfast, you can also have dinner or brunch on it. And since it needs to be comfortable, a cushion is a good choice but you may also want to consider about how you wash it.

Somethings To Consider Before Buying Kitchen Wall Clocks

If you have a comfortable kitchen in your house, you can do a lot of things inside it. And when you love to cook or doing something in the kitchen, time will surely pass by without you notice it. That is why you need a kitchen wall clocks to remind you about the time while you are in the kitchen. A wall clock is also necessary to have to make it easier for you to tell times while cooking your favorite dish in the kitchen. There are various types, design, and color of wall clocks, and you choose the one that goes well with the design and theme of the kitchen.  Choosing a perfect wall clock for your kitchen sometimes can get too complicated, but when you know what to consider, it is not that hard anymore.

Since the kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house, you surely want it to look good and clean because a clean kitchen shows that the people who live in the house are healthy and organized people. To make the look of your kitchen complete, adding a kitchen wall clocks is the best choice. Not only it can tell time which is pretty important when you cook, a wall clock in the kitchen can also bring good vibe inside the kitchen and making the people inside it feel welcomed and want to stay longer. If you place the right one, wall clock in the kitchen can be an attractive piece to boost the look of your kitchen, while also being functional at the same time.

A kitchen wall clocks will complement the kitchen overall design and make it look amazing. But first, you have to choose the right kind of wall clock that will go well with your kitchen’s style and decoration. If you have a modern style of the kitchen then you can choose a wall clock that has stainless steel or metal decoration and materials on them. Because most of the furniture with modern design has stainless steel materials on them, the wall clock for this style also needs to match it. Another detail that you also want to take note is that if your kitchen has mirrors decoration then you can also choose the wall clock that has thin or around mirrors that will make the look of your kitchen has some similarity.

Another example is that when you have a country style of a kitchen, then you should choose a wall clock that has a country theme like fruit shapes or vegetables, animals or beautiful birds. Since country style has so many various themes, it is a good time for you to get creative with the kitchen wall clocks. Because country style is basically about how you put various things together in a space and make the space as welcoming as you can. The warm vibe is also something that you will get from a country style of kitchen. By choosing the right wall clock you can make the country style of your kitchen become perfect.

Oak Dining Table – Timeless & Elegant

After a tiring day of work, dinner time is the best time to have with your family. You can have a conversation with your loved ones about everything while having a yummy dinner on a great table. To make sure that you get the best dinner time, the oak dining table can be a great choice for you. Especially in Belgium where you can see a lot of variation of oak tables. There is the rectangular shape of the table, the round shape, and the oval shaped tables. You can also choose if it will have a light or dark tint on it. The oak wood is a very solid type of wood, and it is what make it a great option to use for a dining table. After you see some of the designs, you might see that there are a lot of variation for the legs as well as the basement. So you can have a variation of shapes and designs that you can choose for your kitchen.

You may choose to bleached the oak dining table as finishing stage but you can also choose too dark tinted it or just use the antiquated oak wood. Some people prefer the antiquated oak table to preserve the natural look and feel about the wood, because any other finishing touch may ruin the natural wood feel. Whether you have a big kitchen or a small kitchen, a dining table made from oak wood is a great choice for you and your family. Since there are a lot of shapes and designs, you can choose the size that will suit your space, or if you have enough budget you can buy the oak wood and make one custom table of your own. It will be fun to design your own dining table.

If you have a limited area to place the oak dining table, then you can choose the round shape table for your house. The round dining table can accommodate up to five people depends on the diameter of the table. But it can also be uncomfortable since not all the people will have enough space to enjoy their dinner. The square shape of the oak table is a great choice and also comfortable enough but it can only fit for four people and it will take more free space around it. Another choice is the long oak table, with this table you can have dinner time with all of your family members plus some friends too. It is a great choice if you have a abig family or when you host some event for your friends and colleagues.

You can also try to match the oak dining table with some modern style chairs, for a custom look of the table. You will get a unique feel with matching the oak wood with various kind of chairs. For example, if you choose the natural look of the oak wood for the table, then you can use a modern chair design painted in white to go well with the oak table. It is fun to see which combination works the best.

The Advantage Of Mirrored Coffee Table

A coffee table can be a great addition to any size of family room, with the right choice of design. A mirrored coffee table is surely a pleasant addition to any room and it will bring good mood to the people around it. Besides, the reflections it made on its clean surface giving the sense of glamor to the room and it can also make the room seems larger even if you actually have a small size room. The most important thing you need to remember is the source of light whether it is sunlight or bulb light. Because as fancy as it is, mirrored furniture also easily reflects lights which can be very distracting when misplaced.

Another great thing about mirrored coffee table is that it goes well with practically any styles so you can place and match it with any kind of themes, colors, and shapes. You can try a various combination of it to see which one got the best looks. You might also want to try to combine two shiny materials which are the mirror and glass. With this two combination, you can make a shiny look of your room but not too much too, because those two can bring the same level of sparkle and shine that will make your room glam up. But there is one small problem, you need to keep it clean all the time to get the best view of it. Because mirror can easily get smudges, oily finger and other dirty things that will make it look dirty and lose its shining effects.

The dirty mirrored coffee table also make the other furniture and the whole room to look like it is dirty. So it is important to keep cleaning it as much as you can and keep that shiny effects. There are some things that you can do clean it easily, like using a microfiber that can get rid of all the dust and particles that making the table dirty. Because the mirror’s reflection, even small dust can be seen because it doubles the view of the dust so it will look bigger. It is advice too that you keep staining things away from the table, but if you happen to spill some then quickly clean it before it gets hard to remove.

Another thing that you should be careful about is not to drag things across its surface because it can leave some mark and scratches that can be hard to remove. The shiny surface of the mirrored coffee table can easily point out any dirt and scratch marks, especially in a well-lit room. And it can get pretty annoying to fix the damages. As you place the table in a room, make sure that you don’t over-tighten any kind of screw on the table, if there any. Especially the screws for the surface, because the glass will easily crack when you hold it too tights on its place. When you feel that it is firm already, don’t squeeze it anymore.

The Advantage Of Nursery Wall Art

Waiting for your baby to arrive can be nerve-wracking sometimes, and there are a lot of things that you need to prepare for them from their clothes, nursery needs to the decoration of the baby’s room. One of the things that will make the decoration complete is the nursery wall art and it is an easy but hard at the same time. Because there are a lot of choices and themes, and you should choose the one that will go well with the theme of the room itself. But choosing the wall art should be fun activities, and you can use these tips below to help you with choosing.

Basically, you are free to choose what kind of nursery wall art that you want for the room of your baby because there are no rules whatsoever. The usual wall art that you may find around are the hanging photos or prints, but actually, there are more options than just that. For example, if you have a baby boy, then you can try to hang custom skateboard as wall art. Some string of tassels can also be a great choice for a wall art. Although you can also use the classic theme of cartoon animals, but it should be fun to use a unique theme and shaped for the wall art. It is great if you can find some unique wall art that they will still like it and use it even when they grew up already. Things that are too babyish can’t be used for too long and will end up in the storehouse in the end.

Another great choice for a nursery wall art is murals. You can use your imagination to make a great mural for the wall of the baby’s room, and since there are no certain shaped or sizes, you can choose any kind of themes of murals for your baby. If you have more budget then you can ask for a murals artist to paint it for you, but you should consider that it is not for a cheap price. Depending on how complicated the design is, and the more detail it is the more expensive it will become. If you choose this mural as wall art then you should understand that the murals have a potentially short-term use because the design is the same and it is hard to rearrange or redesign it.

If the murals or photos and prints are not the right thing for you, then maybe you should try the wall decals as your nursery wall art. It is easy to placed and you can get it with cheap price, so you can mix and match it however you like. Since they are cheap, you can change or make a new set of it anytime you like. Especially when your baby grows older, you can easily take the decals off the walls and place another one that they will like, and they can also choose which one they like more.

Why Shoe Rack Bench Is Great To Have

A shoe rack seems like an unimportant piece of furniture to have, but it is actually quite necessary especially for a woman because they tend to have a lot of shoes in the house. If you have a lot of shoe collections and you want to keep it neatly somewhere, then a shoe rack bench is the best solution for you. It can take a lot of pair of shoes and keep it clean inside. You can also easily manage it and no more losing a pair of shoes. A shoe rack become more important when you have lots of family member, especially children who also needs various shoes for their activity. And with all of the dozens of shoes, a shoe rack can be a great help to maintain your house clean.

Since there are a lot of sizes and designs for shoe rack bench, you have lots of option to choose which one that goes well with your interior theme. There are the wall shelves type of shoe rack if you prefer something more visible and easy to grab your shoes, but there are also some with a minimalist design that will be a great fit for your minimalist house. If you have large space, it is not a bad idea to get a big shoe rack to make some space if you have guests coming over. But before you buy shoe rack, there are some things that you should take into consideration. The first thing is to consider how big is your place for a shoe rack. If you have a large room with a lot of free space, then a tall standing rack is the best for you.

After you know what kind of shoe rack bench you want to have, the next thing is to consider the aesthetic value of the furniture itself. Some people may be thinking that the aesthetic value is not important, but with choosing the right shoe rack, not only it will help you manage your shoes, it can also make the room looks more beautiful. Next, you need to know what size of the shoe rack that you want to buy. Because obviously, you will need a shoe rack that can hold all of your shoes. But if you have limited space for it, you can choose a tall shoe rack that can hold more shoes and save more space at the same time. But if you don’t have a lot of shoes and you don’t plan to have a lot too, then a short type of shoe rack can be your best option.

And if you have a whole collection of various type of shoes, then you can buy more than one shoe rack bench. You can have one especially just for the boots, and another one just for high heels, and another one just for dress shoes, and so on. If you have multiple shoe rack then you can try to stack them but also make sure that it is stackable. With this combination, you can make a set of shoe rack shelf.

Something To Consider Before Buying Ergonomic Office Chairs

Working in an office all day long almost every day can affect your health greatly without you realize it. Since you will sit for hours, you need to choose the right type of ergonomic office chairs to avoid health problem because of the spine stress from sitting position. The right ergonomic chairs will help to supports your lower back even when you are sitting for hours every day. Before you get one for yourself, there are something that you need to know so you can choose the best for you since everybody preferences are not the same.

So, first thing first, what are the thing that you need to have on the ergonomic office chairs? The first thing you need to make sure is the seat height, and that it should also be adjusted according to your needs. A seat that has the height around 16 to 21 inches is the best choice for most people. Because it will still let the person’s feet to touch the floor comfortably and arms that are the same height with the table, and this position will make the person’s thighs remains on horizontal position. Besides the height, the width and depth of the seat also make a great difference. While most seats have a good width and depth already for most people, but it is not a bad idea to make sure that your chosen chair has 17 to 20 inches wide for the best comfortable sitting position.

The next thing to look for is how good the chair for your lower back part of the body. This area is the most important part of the body to look for, because the lower back area has the inward curve of spine and if a person sitting in a wrong position with a wrong chair then the structure of the spine will get restrained that will lead to some serious health problem and a possibility of a worse one. Many people will only feel pain from their back at the first time, but if it keeps going on for years then It means that the spine’s structure is already changed which will cause more pain or injury. Another thing that you should look for is the backrest of the chair. The chair should have a range wide of 12 to 19 inches, and if the ergonomic office chairs that you choose has a separate backrest, then it is better if you choose the one that can also be adjusted for the best sitting position.

The materials of the ergonomic office chairs also need to be chosen carefully. The materials of the chair should be comfortable to sit in and also has some padding for the best experience of a long time sitting on it. No one would want a hard surface to sit on no matter how beautiful the chairs are, instead, you will want something like a cloth fabric that can give you the best comfortable feeling even when you already sitting on it for a long time.